Harvest Peace


The climate, consisting of dry, hot, windy summers and damp, cold winters, provides the ideal conditions for olive trees to thrive. And thrive they do! Agriculture represents nearly 25% of Palestine’s GDP and the olive crop accounts for nearly half of all cultivated land. Studies suggest that over 100,000 families depend in some way on the harvest of olives, whether through everyday consumption or agricultural revenue. Despite the olive crop’s clear importance to the economy, and being such a large contributor to the GDP, farmers are facing drastically low wages and some of the highest poverty rates in the world. Ensuring them even a modest increase in revenue, and the implementation of fair trade practices, is making a life-changing difference.




Olive oil has a rich taste and an even richer history. The old testament kings were anointed with it, ancient Greeks bathed in it, and it has never failed to be a symbol of health and vitality for every generation. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been classified as a superfood full of powerful antioxidants, good fats, and vitamins that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure helping to stave off chronic disease. Don't forget that it tastes delicious and helps highlight flavors in everything it touches.