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The Importance of the Olive Harvest in Palestine

The Importance of the Olive Harvest in Palestine

For centuries, Palestinians have cultivated and tended to the fruits of olive trees, a natural, drought-resistant gift of their homeland. These seemingly timeless trees represent the love and labor of generations of families. Every gathering for the harvest season is a celebration; a reminder of their ancestors who toiled there before them. A labor of love.

The very survival of these families, an estimated 100,000 households, is dependent upon the olive trees of Palestine. They harvest the tree’s bounties not only for their own consumption, but as a means of income via the production and exportation of table olives, olive soap and, of course, olive oil. Unfortunately, the progression of time, historic events and land encroachments have diminished these families’ access to the trees and thereby the productivity of them. Since 1967, an estimated 800,000 olive trees have been destroyed, severely minimizing these farmers ability to thrive in their exportation endeavor. 

With the implementation of Fair Trade practices, Harvest Peace hopes to help these people thrive once more. While providing quality, organic olive oil to the consumers of the United States, we will donate portions of our profits to the organizations most effective in the assistance of Palestinian farmers. In doing so, we hope to significantly and, more importantly, positively impact their quality of life.

- Sharon Taylor